The White Swan Inn

Wine List

The White Swan offers a variety of White, Red and Rose Wines a long with a selection of Fizz. We predominantly offer Italian grape, but like to travel to New Zealand, Austrailia and South Africa with our selection that differs by the month.

White Swan Inn House Specials

  • Fiano Beneventano
  • Falanghina Beneventano
  • Primitivo Salento
  • Kissing Tree Zinfandel Rose


Anno Domini Fiano

Italy, £3.25/£4.10/£5.35/£15.95

An inviting mixture of citrus and tropical fruit with floral hints. Crisp acidity and good palate texture make for a refreshing, satisfying feel.

Campo Azafran Airen Sauvignon Blanc

Spain, £14.50

A deliciously crisp, dry white made from the international superstar variety, Sauvignon Blanc and Spain’s most widely planted variety, Airen. Tangy, citrusy & wonderfully moreish. Sensational drunk on its own or with salads and seafood.

Anno Domini Falanghina

Italy, £3.25/£4.10/£5.35/£15.95

A great all-rounder, with plenty of citrussy fruit and faint notes of apple and quince, with the merest hint of nutty complexity.

Diamond Bay Chenin Blanc

South Africa, £14.50

Intense tropical flavours of guava, ripe apple and pear on the palate from this stunning Chenin Blanc. This fresh and fruity wine is well balanced with a long finish, and pairs well with a wide range of foods such as chicken with a creamy sauce or barbecued, Chinese food, smoked salmon or seafood.

Intrigo Sauvignon Blanc

Italy, £4.10/£5.35/£15.95

Bright straw yellow with gold and green reflections, with a green apple and elderflower bouquet. Dry and full-bodied palate with a velvety finish.

I Castelli Chardonnay

Italy, £15.95

Subtly straw yellow in colour, this dry white wine boasts lively aromas of crisp green fruits followed by intense flavours of floral notes on the palate and a clean, fresh aftertaste.

The Accomplice Chardonnay

Australia, £15.50

Wonderfully fresh & clean, full of peach and nectarine fruit with a gentle hint of toffee oak. Soft and creamy on the palate, the acidity is clean and fresh and the finish long and fruity. A fabulously fresh, modern Aussie Chard.

Pasqua Pinot Grigio

Italy, £3.25/£4.10/£5.35/£17.95

A fresh, fruity wine with lots of crunchy fruit. Crisp, citrussy acidity and a well-balanced finish.


Terre al Sole Primitivo

Italy, £4.10/£5.35/£15.95

Dark, lush red colour with purple highlights. Fruity aromas and flowery notes explode on the nose. Smooth and balanced with a well-structured and complex finish.

I Castelli Merlot

Italy, £3.25/£4.10/£5.35/£15.95

This youthful, fresh wine reveals aroma of ripe red fruits, in particular cherry, followed by a pleasant clean mouth feel with slight tannins.

Tenuta Cocci Grifone Merlot

Italy, £4.10/£4.90/£14.45

This youthful, fresh wine reveals aroma of ripe red fruits, in particular cherry, followed by a pleasant clean mouth feel with slight tannins.

Collevento 921 Cabernet Sauvignon

Italy, £3.25/£4.10/£5.35/£16.50

Lightly herbaceous aromas with red fruit hints, particularly plum and raspberry. The palate is full bodied with spicy notes and a gentle perfume. Serve with roasted meats, poultry and game.

Poggio Al Santi Montepulciano

Italy, £15.10

Deep ruby red in colour, this wine displays delicate aromas of ripe red fruits which are repeated on the palate. Great served with risotto, roast & grilled red meats.

Vistamar Brisa Merlot

Chile, £15.25

Deliciously soft, easy drinking Merlot from Chile. Intense aromas of red fruits and plums with toasted notes. Fruity on the palate with rounded tannins and balancing acidity on the finish.

Tenute Neirano Barbera

Italy, £15.50

An attractive vibrant brambly, blackcurrant character dominates, whilst a subtle, smoky flavour adds interest and soft, oak tannins offer an extra dimension to the texture.

Santiago Pinot Noir

Chile, £16.25

Dark fruit notes with some black pepper and a lovely savoury bay-leaf character balancing out the supple fruit. Pretty, poised & textural. Pairs wonderfully with slow-cooked red meat dishes.

Finca Del Alta Malbec

Argentina, £17.00

Beautifully deep purple in colour with aromas of plum and Morello cherries. Ripe, full and smooth, expect some peppery spice, an undercurrent of rich dark chocolate and a delicious lick of oak. Great with red meat, BBQ and spicy tomato dishes.

Gran Maestro Apassimento

Italy, £18.00

Deep ruby red with rich brown tones. Ripe red fruits are evident on the nose with an intense and rich taste and soft, sweet tannins. This wine complements red meats and mature cheeses.

Colletara Shiraz

Italy, £18.10

Ruby red with spicy aromas and subtle hints of leather & ripe wild berries. The palate is soft and fruity with a pleasing, rounded finish.

Tombacco Aglianico Del Beneventano

Italy, £21.00

Papa Joe’s very own personal favourite: Hints of cherry and red berry notes, followed by a marked vanilla and spicy note. Elegant, warm and full-bodied, this wine has a good length and persistence that leaves an enjoyable soft sensation on the palate.


Kissing Tree Zinfandel Rose

USA, £3.25/£4.10/£5.00/ £14.95

A bright, juicy Zinfandel Rose from the warm, tree lined vineyards of California, bursting with ripe aromas of wild strawberries and exotic fruits.

I Castelli Pinot Grigio Blush

Italy, £17.50

An elegant and fragrant pale Pinot Grigio ‘Blush’, delicately aromatic and deliciously crisp on the palate.

Santiago Sauvignon Blanc Rose

Chile, £16.95

A wonderfully dry, elegant rosé from Chile’s Maule Valley. Expect fresh, pink grapefruit aromas leading to a refreshing and dry, juicy strawberry fruit palate.


Prosecco Spumante £17.95

Prosecco Rose Spumante £17.95

Prosecco Single Serve (200ml) £5.50

All our wines by the glass are available in 125ml, 175ml, 250ml measures on request.