Wine List


Anno Domini Fiano
Italy, £3.25/£4.10/£5.35/£15.95
An inviting mixture of citrus and tropical fruit with floral hints. Crisp acidity and good palate texture make for a refreshing, satisfying feel.

Anno Domini Falanghina
Italy, £3.25/£4.10/£5.35/£15.95
A great all-rounder, with plenty of citrussy fruit and faint notes of apple and quince, with the merest hint of nutty complexity.

Intrigo Sauvignon Blanc
Italy, £4.10/£5.35/£15.95
Bright straw yellow with gold and green reflections, with a green apple and elderflower bouquet. Dry and full-bodied palate with a velvety finish.

I Castelli Chardonnay
Italy, £15.95
Subtly straw yellow in colour, this dry white wine boasts lively aromas of crisp green fruits followed by intense flavours of floral notes on the palate and a clean, fresh aftertaste.

Pasqua Pinot Grigio
Italy, £3.25/£4.10/£5.35/£17.95
A fresh, fruity wine with lots of crunchy fruit. Crisp, citrussy acidity and a well-balanced finish.


Kissing Tree Zinfandel Rose
USA, £3.25/£4.10/£5.00/ £14.95
A bright, juicy Zinfandel Rose from the warm, tree lined vineyards of California, bursting with ripe aromas of wild strawberries and exotic fruits.

I Castelli Pinot Grigio Blush
Italy £17.50
An elegant and fragrant pale Pinot Grigio ‘Blush’, delicately aromatic and deliciously crisp on the palate.


Terre al Sole Primitivo
Italy £4.10/£5.35/£15.95

Dark, lush red colour with purple highlights. Fruity aromas and flowery notes explode on the nose. Smooth and balanced with a well structured and complex finish.

I Castelli Merlot
Italy, £3.25/£4.10/£5.35/£15.95
This youthful, fresh wine reveals aroma of ripe red fruits, in particular cherry, followed by a pleasant clean mouth feel with slight tannins.

Collevento 921 Cabernet Sauvignon
Italy £3.25/£4.10/£5.35/£16.50
Lightly herbaceous aromas with red fruit hints, particularly plum and raspberry. The palate is full bodied with spicy notes and a gentle perfume.

Colletara Shiraz
Italy £18.10
Ruby red with spicy aromas and subtle hints of leather & ripe wild berries. The palate is soft and fruity with a pleasing, rounded finish.

Wine sizes: 125ml, 175ml, 250ml


Prosecco Spumante £17.95 /
Prosecco Single Serve (200ml) £5.50

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